My First Mamm"OH" Gram

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
I realize a mammogram may not be the most exciting blog topic, was one of my list items. I wasn't EXCITED about getting a mammogram (I know I'm not lonely in that club), but I put it on the 101 List because I wanted to make sure it was a priority when the timing was right, and that it will continue to be a priority. I made the list more than 8 years ago, but even then I knew it was something not so far down the road for me. My Grandmother had cancer at the end of her 30's for the first time (of three battles :O(), my Mom has had it twice (not an issue at the time I wrote this list item, but I knew one was one too many in the family history). I can't think of anything more important in preventative breast cancer health than regular checks, and I'm so grateful my Mom went regularly and they were able to catch it early. Of course, sometimes there is nothing you can do, regardless of how frequently you go, but if it is a simple matter of knowing and taking care of it, or not knowing and it doing more damage, the facts remain, but the results can be drastically different. The mammogram wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, the doctors were very thorough, and now (after MORE test) it's good to know I have some fibroid tumors hanging out, so I can start seeing a specialist in the future just so they don't miss anything in the years to come thinking it's more of the same old, same old (I always knew I should be hanging out with special people)! ::Hopping off my soap box, and scooting it to the side, but not too far, you never know when I'm gonna need my soap box!::

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