Need Work, Will Travel

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Peanut needs help finding a part time job. He now owes me 306 dollars for and emergency vet bill ('regular' vet bills to follow). Tonight he started acting weird (if you've met the rest of my dogs, you'll know how odd it must have been if he was weirder than the normal weird dog quota around here), stumbling around, missing the couch when he tried to jump up, running into things, licking the air (more than usual) and then when I held him he got really...really droopy, and it was difficult to wake him up. That's when I put him in the car, and took him to the Emergency Vet. I STILL don't know what the problem is, though I do have a list of things the problem is NOT. He is still acting weird, but....hopefully he can 'sleep it off.' My best guess is Max dropped a pill he takes for seizures two times a day, and drops every blue moon. If Peanut found one, he would eat it b/c he eats EVERYTHING-just today I've chased him around pulling out a hair band, a coupon, june bug, twig, etc, etc, etc. Anyway, I've explained to him that he will need to pay me back (I figured it would be easier to get the money out of Peanut, than Jason). He seems to think that kisses, and snuggles should be sufficient,, I'll be holding out for the cold hard cash.


Charles and Heidi said...

Poor little Peanut!! I am so sorry he ate the blue pill. Hopefully he can fully recover soon. We have no blue pills and our dog continually licks the air. What is that about?

Maurine and Derek said...

Poor Peanut, Derek tells the girls to get a job every time they go to the groomer. Let me know if Peanut has any luck

Msheepers said...

Let me know how "waiting for cold hard cash" works out for you.