I Heart Joey Joe!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I was OBSESSED with the New Kids on the Block when I was younger...forget WAS, let's try AM! They got me through some pretty important years in my life when 'real' boys could have really been quite crushing, if I didn't have my fall back, or rather, my #1! I had allll the posters, the bed sheets, the shirts, the buttons, the magazines, the videos. Fortunately, I'm a pack rat, so I STILL have all those fun things (come over anytime if you want to watch the videos). They are in a box somewhere in my garage (hard to believe, but they aren't actually still out). Somehow I lost touch with 'my heart' late junior high/ high school. The group went away to be grown-ups...or something equally as boring, and 'other,' uninteresting boy bands came onto the scene. I was not interested-I've only had one true, great celebrity crush, it'll do just fine for life. They were my 'remember when' from youth. If you only knew.... So, 20 years after my first, and one and only concert (the best concert EVER, up until this year), I found out they were touring again! Oh my! I called up all my old pals who loved and adored them, and found LOTS of new pals that were fans, and some of us went last fall to the concert (I posted in October). We had an ABSOLUTE blast! I guess 'my' boys did too, b/c they did a second loop of the tour, a little different from the first, and in a little bit smaller venue. I had to go (again), it also happened to be on my 'Birthday Eve.' It seemed like a great way to end my 20's! (I'm, obviously, holding on with a death grip to my youth here). Last night 12 other gals and I attended the concert.

It was every bit as fun as the fall. WE originally bought lawn tickets, but some lady who worked at the venue was passing out free upgrades, and she gave us seats under the pavilions on the 40th row (awesome)! The best part....halfway through the concert the band came out into the audience and got onto platforms (there are five members, just in case you aren't a devoted fan), and three rows ahead, directly in front of my seat, 'my favorite'-Joe McIntyre got up and sang, and shook his 'groove thang.' Most of the gals in my group were 'Joe' fans. We, of course, went nuts, laughed, and screamed like 11 year olds, climbing all over the seats, and taking photos.

It was a great day to say goodbye to my twenties...and hello to 30, it's not like I plan on maturing from here, I'm having too much fun. Who gets to stand 3 feet away from their celebrity crush while he sings songs from some of my very favorite childhood/early teen moments? SO FUN!

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Brian and Ella said...

happy belated birthday, christy!! so glad you were able to celebrate in the most fun and memorable way possible! :)