Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day Two in San Francisco: Baseball Game

It was Jason's idea to attend a game (he went again the second night as well), and it just so happened the games going on while we were in town was a huge rival: The SF Giant's vs. The LA Dodgers. I have NEVER seen a crowd quite like this! There were a pretty respectable number of Dodger's fans, but I have to say-I feared for them. Even walking to get concessions they were heckled by the Giant fans, hats were stolen, and thrown around, bullies! The boos were serious when it came to anything Dodgers. Another scary thing-there were no less than FIVE fights in the stands where huge crowds formed, officer had to come in, and over zealous fans were removed. I've never seen anything like it. The Giant fans were spirited, but to a frightening level....even though I was rooting for the Dodgers (only because Jason told me too, and I really didn't have an opinion), I told my Mom we were going to clap when the Giants did anything good so we could make it out of there in one piece. I cheered silently for the Dodgers, who won. The other interesting element to this field is that kayakers hang out in the bay just beyond walls where pop flies sometimes go, and they wait for a piece of the prize. There were three guys that had even rigged a raft out of plywood and some sort of floatation device. Theybrought along a grill, beach balls, and lawn chairs, pretty amusing!

I think this is the only stadium with this view, fog rolling through, and sea gulls swooping around as ball games are played! It was also COLD as the sun set!