Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day Three in San Francisco

Our first adventure of the day was a ride on the old Cable Cars. (We rode them again later in the afternoon as well). It was a tight squeeze, but it had to be done! It was interesting to make our way up and down the hilly streets of San Francisco, and it required some real skill for the drivers to get our momentum...and breaks 'just right' to find success.

We also watched the drivers turn the cars at the end of each route. I noticed that the transportation employees tended to lack 'traditional' customer service methods. They did a lot of screaming, and they administered quite a few insults, but it was certainly a unique experience!
In the afternoon Mom and I headed out to see the famous row of Victorian Homes (Nicknamed 'Postcard Row' or 'The Painted Ladies). They have a lot of history, but....I just love them because they were featured in Full House in the opening credits. One of the homes was in the process of being painted, but they were certainly lovely to look at from Alamo Park across the street.

Our next stop was Lombard Street. It's one of the crookedest streets around. We stood and watched lots of fellow tourist attempt the curvey street.