Sunday, August 23, 2009

Highway One-San Francisco to Los Angeles...Almost

The plan was that we would take Highway One for an hour or two while heading towards the LA area. I had heard some of the prettiest sights on Highway One were on this stretch of the road, but it takes two days to really see it the way it's supposed to be enjoyed b/c it's really curvy, with horseshoe shaped turns, two lanes, and 35 mph hilly driving, and cliff hugging highway. We didn't get off on the spot we had planned in order to move over to a 'regular highway' after the first hour or two...and we ended up getting 'stuck' on the highway. It was gorgeous, despite the fog that obstructed some of the views. There were tons of pull outs, but we only stopped a few times in our goal to get to Pasadena and family time. I would for sure recommend going along this route to anyone with time, and perhaps a strong(er) stomach. I've never been good with motion, so it had me feeling a little ill to be transferred from side to side as we took the turns, and I hadn't anticipated this so I could take medicine. It look 10 or 11 hours of driving (more than the predicted 5-6 on 'regular' highway), but after the scenic drive we headed straight to see the family.


Jo said...

We also heard how wonderful hwy 1 was. I hated it. I felt sick and the heights made my eyes close for survival. I understand most people love it but I made it very clear to Ruben the next time, I get to be in the back with blinders on.