Sunday, August 30, 2009

Financial Peace

I am so excited. Sunday I started the Financial Peace University, created by Dave Ramsey. If you haven't seen him on Fox's Business Channel or heard him on the radio, this is his website: I had heard his name before, and I know he is a financial smarty, but I didn't know he is a Christian (it's not hard to figure out, I just hadn't put on my listening ears in the past). I have been really careful about researching long term money plans because I want advice from someone that understands money priorities as a Christian, but I have no idea about stocks, money market accounts, etc etc, and he is breaking it down. I have had financial planning on my To Do list since I started full time teaching b/c I live in the near future, with some savings in the bank, but I need to start thinking about long term financial purchase planning, and retirement (beyond the basic)). It's been a need, but I had never really made it a priority. Thanks to Heidi, this came onto my radar! She took this course a few years back, and said that it is life changing. I was so grateful for the info, and I immediately started researching. The classes are given by lots of area churches, but it's a 3+ month commitment (worth every minute for a life time of changes), but waiting for a new series of classes to 'start' took time, and it took awhile to carve some things out of my life, so I could place this in my life (it shouldn't have been so hard). I also knew I wanted to do this, but this also means I need to create a 'hobby' budget, and...uhh....I'm fabulous on a budget as long as we aren't talking stickers, fabric, random wooden shapes, and paint....then...I'm a nut, and I don't know if I want to face the reality in that zone of my life! Sunday was class #1....and it was every bit as good as I had hoped! I can't wait to learn more. I know this is a LONG TERM project....I think I'm about to map out the next 5 years of my life with careful planning, and then attaching a lifetime of balanced budgeting, but it's good to have a plan, I'm getting old! ....and to do some homework. to my teacher ears! :O)


Charles and Heidi said...

We are so excited and proud that you are taking this step so early in your young life!! How, Oh, How we wish we had know about budgeting early in our life together. How different things would be now.
Budget is such a scary word until you do it and realize that budgeting does not take away power but gives it to you!!
Love that you posted about this. Hopefully it will inspire others to take the and not later!!

Derek said...

We are on a 5 year plan it is really rewarding to know you have something working for YOU.