Sunday, September 06, 2009

Restaurant Review: Peggy Sue's BBQ

For years I have driven past this little BBQ joint across from SMU in Highland Park. I don't know why I always wondered about it (I don't have a lot of explanations for the workings of my mind), but....I have. This summer, I added it to my 'to do'list...if it's not on the list, it doesn't become a priority to me. This weekend (it's still the 'summer season'), I finally went. So, if you were wondering about Peggy Sue's BBQ (I doubt that). The food is very good, and affordable. The BBQ was tasty, and the atmosphere is very 'old school'....on purpose (this particular place has been there 20 years, and it replaced another BBQ restaurant that had been there 30 years). Brown plastic covered booths, random BBQ style decor, BBQ and all the fixins' on the menu. I would definitely say it's worth a try if you ever happen to be running around Snyder Plaza, and feel like some good BBQ. (I tried the sliced beef, and it was good, we ordered onion rings, and they were fabulous, and I also ordered up some 'gridled' jalapeno cheese bread. The negative? I smelled like a BBQ Pit for the rest of the afternoon (my dog's appreciated this, but I doubt any humans I contacted felt the same way).