Thursday, August 06, 2009

I Knew I'd Find a Purpose For My Purchase

I just found these pictures I took (cleaning out a disk so I have plenty of room for pictures of Blythe), this is one of three buckets I HAD to purchase awhile back, and I posted about their potential. I have to ration these fabulous finds out (the next two will someday find a purpose_, just in case they stop selling them. If I had the space, I'd buy out the stores of all the cute, clean paint buckets, mason jars, sucker sticks, and cellophane bags I could find (I can't explain why these are the things I gravitate towards-I wish I craved purses or something normal). I mailed it, so I needed a record of how it was supposed to look after a few days travel in the heat (chocolate, and soda, maybe not the best summer shipping articles). I made this for Maurine a month or so back to commiserate with, AND CELEBRATE her morning sickness. :O) Here is my first clear buckets home:
Pregnancy Survival Kit


The Guts of the Gear


Maurine and Derek said...

I loved it. So personal and soooo cute! What a kind and sweet thought. Thank you for each day of your friendship

Brian and Ella said...

What a great idea, christy!! very sweet.

Shannon@One Crafty Mommy said...

Such a cute idea! I wish someone had given this to me when I was preggo. Thanks for linking up this week :)

Scrappy Gifts said...

Love this! What a great friend you are. I could have used this - my husband hates going to the store