Thursday, August 06, 2009

"Left Over" Recycled Crayons

The pickings were slim on color choices with my recycled crayons towards my last tray of letters this last go round of 'alphabet crayon making.' (I n case you think I've colored through my last set, I try to keep a supply around to take with me when visiting friends with kiddos, but....I ran out awhile back). I had seen an article in Family Fun or somewhere like that on cookie cutter crayon making. I decided to toss some of my extras into a pan (I made it shallower, and less messy by making a tray out of foil). I didn't want to mix up too many colors, or you just get 'dark' and I like the hippy crayon look.

I baked the crayons, and then let them cool (trying not to slosh around the liquid crayons too much when removing them from the tray) just enough to cut out the shapes with a cookie cutter. I chose the bear because that's my current schools mascot...and also-my old school's-Sic'Em Bears...they will someday have a home in fellow alumn's child's art collection-I need to start them out young on the road to Baylor. I'm not sure if I can melt the left over 'cuts' again, or if the colors would just be too mixed up...I'll revisit that later. OK....and to be honest-peeling off the papers actually gives me sore thumbs after awhile, AND it's a bugger to clean the cookie cutters, and trays. They are pretty cute though, and I was able to peel off the papers while watching a Deadliest Catch marathon.


Brian and Ella said...

too cute! sic'em bears!! :)

I think we've lived in Alabama too long because our boys are already saying they want to go to Auburn. what have we done?????

ocean said...

Exacto knives are wonderful for getting the stubborn paper off of crayons. BUT-a bit dangerous too!!