Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life is a Highway

I love Williams, Arizona. I understand there are a variety of (probably) fabulous places to stay outside the Grand Canyon, but I like Williams! It was our second night on the road, and it’s a cute town along Route 66! I’d be interested to hear about other little towns like Flagstaff, AZ but….I can’t help going back to a place I KNOW I love. This town is great b/c it’s at the base of some mountains, so it’s cool in the evening, it reminds me of CO in the summer. We stayed here the first time around b/c there is a train that goes to the Grand Canyon, which was neat, but we decided to drive these last two trips, and were drawn back to Williams for the atmosphere. There are a row of cute little souvenir shops, motels, and soda shops. There are plenty of motorcyclist, and antique car lovers who stay in the town, which can make for some interesting scenes along the streets. We always eat at a restaurant called Cruisers 66, and thus far, the food has been good, and they have a really neat eclectic atmosphere, and live music at night.

The town has a 50's feel, with only small accomodations (mostly motels, with some inns, and small hotels), but they are all nice, including Motel 6 (it's true) WEST (there are two). Sure, you get some really colorful comforters, and one bar of soap upon entering your room, BUT they have a pretty large, indoor HEATED (yes, it actually isn’t cold AT ALL) pool, AND a good sized hot tub etc etc. I dig it. There is a nice little lobby with sofas and a fireplace you can hang out next to as well (just to emphasize why I’m promoting this as a great place to stay, other than saved money, which should be reason enough!). This go round, we had about enough time for dinner, a swim, and a quick sleep before heading on down the road…