Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Grand Canyon and a Few of Her Residents

We stopped at the Grand Canyon on the way to Williams, AZ (our stay Saturday night). This was Jason's first time to see the Canyon, and Mom and I's third trip.

Every time I get to see something new, and the size never fails to amaze me. Yet, I can't retain the 'real' size in my mind, and I certainly can't capture it on film, it's too grand, it just doesn't fit! There are certainly not enough adjectives to capture the experience on a blog, though one verb seems pretty accurate: GO! If you haven't been, you must GO! This trip, we stayed near the first few rims upon entering, and we walked around the Village areas and shops along the rim (you can take a bus and see more sites, but this had to be a shorter trip than last year b/c of the number of things we were squeezing into this week). On the way out of the park this time, we saw some Elk!

Four big guys were just hanging out, munching on grass. We were about the fourth on the 'scene', and were quickly joined by fellow park attendees. People got very close taking their pictures....I stood back, but still got some fun shots. The last thing we spotted before leaving was a much larger group of lady 'elk' or rather, calves a minute down the road.