Blythe's Shirt

Friday, October 16, 2009

I've seen these 'lettered' shirts popping up all over school the last few months (there is a really talented lady selling these in Canton). I wanted to try one out, and what better person than one that can't really give her opinion yet? The only problems I encountered were A) Finding a shirt small enough FOR Blythe. The lady in Canton just has solid colored shirts, but they are more 'adult/youth' oriented. I finally found a shirt at Babies R Us that was solid, though it did have a little bit of flair. B) I also had to cut the letters a little large in proportion with how small the shirt was so that there was enough of this 'flimsy,' sequined fabric to be ironed, and then sewn down. C) My machine and I are fighting. After I used some iron down double sticky 'stuff', I did a zig zag stitch for 'double hold,' but I couldn't get the tension right (that's an understatement to all my growling). I really don't like machines, so after ripping it out twice, I sat down and hand sewed it down, not my first choice, but....I couldn't live with how it looked, and I didn't have the patience to figure out the machine right now. D) Next time, I'd make it a little 'wilder' by having the letters NOT go straight across, and alternating them up/down. In the end, it should be pretty fun to wear in....another 12 months. NOW, I can cross it off the list, and that's always teh carrot dangling at the end of the trail for me. I love new

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