Scary Slides

Friday, October 16, 2009

This is what happens when you chew on your paw (All of this because I have some garage sale stuff that I'm storing in my backyard until the school sale in a month, and Lilly doesn't like change, it freaks her out. She wouldn't even GO outside for the first week, and now...only sometimes-it's a kid's plastic slide, and some lawn chairs-VERY scary). The problem is 'the lampshade' only stays on long enough for a photo b/c if she can't get it off (and she can), her other two furry friends will. Nobody gets to be a part of anything different that doesn't include their two closest furr friends. I predict another vet visit in the future. Next week is payday, and I quickly remembered last month I forgot 'dog' in the budget line....there needs to be some adjusting this month. Cancel Christmas shopping, my dog suffers from anxiety.

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