Candy Corn Cookies

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I saw some cookies that looked similiar to this last Halloween in Swoozies (the cutest store EVER). I filed this information away in my brain to pull out this year. I think candy corn is the cutest, and I can smell a bag every hour on the hour for a month, and eat a bag in an hour. I baked my first (of several planned) Halloween treat(s) this week. I'm helping start a little energizer at work by giving these away to my Boo Pal at work. The idea is that she won't know who gave them to her, just some ghost, but then she gets something and 'spooks' another person at work, and so on until we have all been "Boo"ed (Ghost will be left on our door). Most of my friends don't have my personal blog, so I guess it's safe to post here. :O) I don't think I got the orange exactly right, but who cares, the idea is exactly right!

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