Mary Poppins' Musical

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

This was the end of Holly, and I's summer musical experience, and it's been a great one. Mary Poppins was one of the cutest plays all season. It's a graet show for little ones, I recommend it-100% for families. There were so many fabulous stage tricks, tapping on the ceiling, kite flying, the famous carpet bag and....stop reading here if you don't want it ruined....Mary Poppins floats up over the audience as far out as the balcony seats, and up through a trap door in the top at the end. The second half is by far the was just too cute! The bonus was that because the music hall is one of the buildings on the fair grounds, we got into the fair for free, yay! The play didn't start until 8, so we went down a few hours beforehand and got to look around the fair...and eat.


Maurine and Derek said...

I want to go and see it so bad, it comes to Tampa in March

Christy said...

You have to go if at all possible, it is the CUTEST, CUTEST musical. I was just sort of ho hum about seeing it, but it was truly just amazing as far as all the tricks they were able to back into the live performance! P.s. I'm available for babysitting. ;o)