Medieval Times

Sunday, October 04, 2009

My Mom took this photo tonight when Holly, Mom, and I attended Medieval Times Games and Tournament. I've been quite a few times (twice when I was younger), and three times on field trips with my sixth graders (the perfect field trip-kids are encouraged to scream, and they never disappointed), though it's much more enjoyable when you aren't in 'charge' of anyone, and the food is more of a 'feast' at the 'regular' dinner show. Everything is served by wenches and serfs and is eaten with your hands. I can never remember when someone ask, so for the record the meal included: Tomato Bisque, Garlic Bread, Roasted Chicken, Ribs, Roasted Potato Half ("A Dragon's Egg"), and an Apple Pastry. They do bring a warm towel to wipe down your hands, but no silverware. They also serve two servings of Pepsi, or Tea, and one cup of Coffee. And then they sell, sell, sell drinks, toys, flags, and everything, and anything glow in the dark. The show does seem to change through the years,'s not the same old same old, but the idea is the same-tournament, and games-medieval knight style. :O) We were in charge of cheering on the red knight this evening, and were fortunate to sit with a rowdy crowd! They had a great deal on tickets (thanks, Gretchen for the info) online, but they are also running some specials right now through them directly. My Mom put it on her 'to do' list (the one I forced her and Holly to make at one time, and now I wander around finding ways to make them start fulfilling their list, but I can use the excuse that it's 'their' list if they start accusing me of being bossy!), and so I got tickets for her birthday. We did come home sans any knights and shining armor, but we came home happy, and full, and most nights-that's enough!

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