The "College Dorm" Theory

Thursday, November 05, 2009
In college, as Thanksgiving approached, all the sudden everyone had ENOUGH of everyone else. And then....finally-Thanksgiving break. The girls came back....just barely able to look at each other again....until Christmas. By Janurary, everyone loved each other again, or had their room change fulfilled. I guess it's because it's just a bunch of X chromosomes running around....I don't know. I just remembered it was SUCH an annoying time. I quickly noticed in the elementary setting it's more of the same around this time of year. I'm just sayin'....that's all I'll say, OK...and maybe I'll say I flipped three pages over in my plan book about 100 times this past week just LOOKING at the Thanksgiving Break....and knowing I can make it....but carefully plotting out how to navigate these 16 school days (three of which are Saturday Schools) between now and 'the' break.

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