HIgh Hat Cupcakes

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Amber's birthday festivities are tonight, and I've always wanted to make high hat cupcakes, so she agreed to be my taste tester. I cheated, I made these with buttercream instead of meringue icing.....because I like my cupcakes sweet, and sometimes, I like my cupcakes sweet (are you getting the idea?). The hat isn't as 'high' with buttercream, but I hope the flavor makes up for it! They remind me of a Dairy Queen ice cream cone, yum.
Here they are 'drying' on my impromptu drying rack.

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Christy said...

P.s. These were some of my very favorite cupcakes yet. Sure, they aren't as cute as some of them, but chocolate dipped cupcakes=DELICIOUS. I highly recommend it! 2 cups of semi-sweet chocolate, and 3 T. of veg. oil melted together, dip, and cool in the fridge for two hours, and you've got yummy goodness, and a few more calories to work off in the gym, but they are well worth it!