Teepee Cakes

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
I saw this idea a year ago at the below link. I thought they were cute. You bake cake inside, then decorate the outside with sprinkles, and pretzels (lots of great ideas on the gal's site). The one contribute I made was that when I cut holes into the pie pan, I found a second pan to place the upside down pan on b/c I found my cones were poking down further than the surface of the counter, and this worked well for baking so they were steady. I also found these super cute sugar characters (the pumpkin, and turkey) at the Cake Carousel in town, and I added a door with piped chocolate. I'm sure you could easily pipe the turkey, and pumpkin, but....I have to admit, I'm not feeling THAT dedicated this year. I have since seen these cake teepees on several sites. They are cute, and last year when I saw them I thought they would make cute place tags, but this year, they will just be dessert at my Aunt's house :O). I'm just about ready for tomorrow! Here's the link with the instructions.

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