Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
A few more desserts for Thanksgiving....

I found the ideas for the turkey leg, and pumpkin pie slice cookie at, she has the cutest cookie ideas!

I have no idea which site I saw these on, I got lost in cyber space last night. I did see several versions of this corn cookie. I saw a few people that used tissue for the husk, one person used green fruit roll ups, I just grabbed some paper. It's a pretty cute idea for a cookie on a stick!

OK, I decided I had to figure out a cookie design of my own, so I cut out a round cookie, iced it, then covered it with red M&Ms, and then piped some 'crust''s my very own cherry pie, and I like it!!

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Msheepers said...

As usual, those are so cute!