101 Dalmations

Monday, December 14, 2009

When I found out that the Dalmations they use in this musical are from rescue groups (thanks for the info, Gretchen), I had to buy tickets! Mom, Holly, Lois, and I attended the musical yesterday afternoon. It was really sweet, and-of course, the highlights were the real dogs that had a few adorable scenes on stage. I'll take them all, thanks! After the show runs, they do adopt them out, but I doubt they struggle finding homes. It just makes me want to run out and get three more dogs! It was a really cute show, filled with lots of really excited kids. I think if I rewinded about 25 years, it would have been more difficult to sit through than Mary P, but for older kiddos, and adult (dog lovers)-I highly recommend the musical! I'm excited about the upcoming season-all four of us bought season tickets this year, and there are some pretty fun names coming to town!

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Maurine and Derek said...

I am hoping that it comes here to Tampa I want to go so bad and to Mary Poppins too