Monday, December 14, 2009

First Maverick's Game of the Year

What I love about the Maverick's is
1. They have the most amazing sale on tickets each and every year. This year they had $2 tickets....that's crazy! Even at full price you can get tickets for $10. I love the new (old) arena, and the seats are great from every angle. We got a great deal on tickets, and my Mom, Aunt, Holly, Brian, and I headed out to the game this Saturday evening.
2. The Mavericks are consistently a good team (thought I wouldn't mind a trophy to match that reputation), and they won. They were ahead the first quarter by about 8, and then the next three quarters they fell behind by about that much. They couldn't find the basket, even in free throw situations, it was the lowest scoring game I've ever seen. With two minutes to go, they came within two, and with the buzzer ready to sound, they found the basket (finally) when it counted most! Overtime looked about the same, but this time around, they made there last basket (down by one) with one second to go-and won. Messy, or pretty-a wins a win. Sure, it was North Carolina, but obviously the Mav's weren't on their A game, so a win on there B game was pretty exciting!
3. It was Seats for Soldiers night, so the arena was splattered with soldiers throughout, but the coolest thing was that American Airlines (also the name of the arena) chartered a flight, the pilots, and attendants donated their time. They flew in wounded soldiers from the military hospital in San Antonio out to the game. They were met with fire trucks spraying the plane, and locals cheering them on, and then they were chartered to Abacus where dinner was served, and then all the front row ticket holders of the Mav's donated their seats, and they completely surrounded the court, and got to watch from the front row. (They also went to the Dallas Cowboy's game yesterday, and got to watch them lose, but....I'm sure it was a fun time, regardless I'm not reporting on that-I'm proud of Dallas). It was really moving.