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Saturday, December 26, 2009
This idea was borrowed from...I adapted this idea from a friend of a friend that I scrapbooked with a few times. She makes a calendar every year for her family to document their events from the previous year. I thought this would be a cute idea for family's with kiddos/for the Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles etc, but for now....I was doing good to come up with a picture for each month over the last 30 years!
Who got it? I made one of these calendars for my Mom, Aunt, and Cousin (so most of the family's have one).
How I made it....
*I typed up all the dates for the coming year on word, including holidays, and birthdays (including a picture, in case those far away forget what we all look like ;o)).
*I then bought an 8x8 scrapbook album (I kept the originals, again, this would be really great if you were making it for the kids so you have a little page to show for each month for every year). In my case I tried to find pictures that would mean something to the entire family, and color copied the photos, created a layout, and wrote up a little synopsis of why this was something that was meaningful to the family.
-The cover included the new year, and pictures of each family member from the past year.

-January=The whole family at Jimmy, and Lydia's wedding in IL a few years back, there is nothing quite as wonderful as gaining a new family member!

-February=A Mother's Love included a picture of all the cousins with our two Moms, and the newest Mom-Lydia, and Blythe (I couldn't do this in May because it had something really special in store for that month).

-March=Trips to Freeport to visit the Mariam's Grandparents. We used to go at all times throughout the year, but often around Easter (in the spring), and again in the summer. Jason and I were lucky enough to get to spend time on the farm as well getting to know this side of the Mariam family.

-April=Easter. I found a picture of 'our' Granddad eating a holiday meal with us when we were little. He never missed a special occasion, and all the holidays bring back those memories of all the years we have been together to celebrate.

-May=Welcome, Blythe! (Like you didn't see that one coming.)

-June=Happy Father's Day to the family's newest dad!

-July=One summer the whole family went to Disney World together-it was the most Magical Trip!

-August=Trips to Lake Murray, OK. Again, we visited at all times of the year, but usually around Labor Day. I loved that place!

-September=School Days
I found pictures from all the cousin's early days.

-October=Camping Trips, and Football games between the boys, and Baylor football attendances amongst the family's Bears!

-November=Thanksgiving=Thankful for this Family

-December=There is so much joy when Christmas rolls around because of the people I get to spend it with!

*Next, I took the scrapbook pages, and color copied them at Kinkos on Cardstock (about a dollar a page). I then took the calendar pages I had printed on cardstock, and I had both sides bound so it would open like a calendar. The pages you see are the Kinko's copied versions...I'm always amazed at how well you can copy scrapbook elements!

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