Scrabble Tile Pendant

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I've seen this idea all over the internet the last few years, and I've been itching to find someone little to create one of these. When Blythe was born, my plot began. We went to visit her when she was 3 months old, and I brought along a little bottle of lavender paint. Sure, most babies might not begin their craft projects this early, but...she is a pretty special baby, so I felt she was up for the job. I enlisted the help of her Dad. Since Lydia was around the entire time we were visiting (which I'm happy for), I left Jimmy with the instructions to smear paint all over his daughter's hand, place that painted hand on a piece of paper, and scan the handprint to me so I could complete this project. Jimmy has been my cousin for as many years as he's been anyone's anything, so he also didn't blink an eye at this request. He's a real trooper. As soon as we left California, the fires swept through, and Blythe went to visit her IL family, so it was at five months that Jimmy was able to sneak in some crafting with Blythe. He said she was very wiggly, and her very favorite thing are her hands, so getting her to not lick the paint was a bit of a trial, but he sure did a good job with these crafting handicaps! He scanned the photo, and I printed out a 'thumbnail' size picture of the hand. (Most of the pendants I've seen, people have taken their kid's artwork, colored/painted pictures etc, scanned, and printed out a thumbnail print, and completed this same project for grandparents, etc, sooooo cute, but I didn't think Blythe was quite ready for the crayon.) I ordered scrabble tiles online (which means I only have 99 more, time to reorder?) I selected the B scrabble piece (3 points), of course, for this project. I spread hodge podge glue across the blank side, set the thumbnail print on top, and spread another layer of hodge podge over the print (it looks 'white,' but dries clear). When it dried, I bought a finding at the craft store. I glued the finding to the letter side with super glue so that it can be worn as a pendant. Blythe's 5-Month handprint will live on forever, and she has now completed her first craft project.


Jo said...

I made this as a gift for the grandmothers. I topped mine with diamond glaze so they look more like those magnets you made awhile ago with a clear glass top. I love this idea so much. Your creations look beautiful!!

Christy said...

I bet they went over well! Did you take pictures? I will definately be doing more of these in the future, and I like the diamond glaze idea! Did you find anything better than superglue for attaching the finding?