Saturday, December 26, 2009


Blythe had to make a gift for her dad, but....I don't want her to have anymore emotional scars from random craft projects, paint, or glitter. I knew I wanted to make a coaster for Jimmy (it was harder to think of something for a guy). He likes to drink DP, so I figured a drink is never very far, and this would be a good gift. I went back and forth on the best way to make a coaster....I thought about getting glass and hodge podging the picture to the bottom, sealing it etc, but the craft stores had really thin glass. I hoped to find tile at the home improvement store....again, no luck. After at least 8 stores, and buying random things I THOUGHT might work that I won't waste time on, I found a magnetic frame at JoAnne's that worked so much better than any of those could have. I also tried out some various 'crafty' things for the inside photo, but I will have to wait until another gift some other year b/c, again, I couldn't get it right, so I used this classic picture of father/daughter. Jimmy can appreciate the humor in the photo. I sealed the top, and then super-glued felt to the bottom, and attached four, clear circles (used for keeping craft rulers from sliding around when you cut fabric) so it won't slide around.