Saturday, December 26, 2009
This is actually Jimmy's Birthday gift (December 18th). It took me forever to find the cup I wanted to use....but finally, I found one at Starbucks I really liked b/c it is so sturdy. He's part of our family, so he'll fill it with Dr. Pepper and not coffee, but....I thought it might be fun to have a personalized mug. Plus, again, I'm struggling with the 'boy gift ideas.' These mugs are pretty cool, you just unscrew the bottom, and there's a template for the size that fits inside. I found (all) the pictures of Blythe, Lydia, and Jimmy I could on their facebook accounts, (nothing like stealing some photographs). I shrunk them down, printed them, and then glued them down to the paper template. Pretty simple idea. Fun gift.

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