On the First Day of Christmas, I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day we woke up to snow, snow, SNOW! It was so exciting. We usually get ice, and rarely see clear sidewalks, and white lawns. You certainly can't work with ice in regards to sculpting funness out in the yard. This year, after opening gifts in the morning, and eating breakfast, I went out and made a minature snowman. Lilly didn't let this little guy last long.

Mom and I finished up the lunch, and the Mariams came over for dinner, and gifts. Blythe has conquered gift unwrapping, but she's more into the paper, than the gifts at this age. She also wore her new shoes I made, but....again, she spent more time chewing on the ribbon, but hey, whatever makes her happy is cool with me! That evening the girls drove around and looked at Christmas lights. It was a really peaceful day, and just how I wanted it to be, and....my very first white Christmas!

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