A Few Misc Gifts

Sunday, December 27, 2009
Remember these? I made this little coaster book for Kelly. She is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for, and I'm tired of buying her frogs.

I also made her one of the mugs (like I made Jimmy), but I didn't think she appreciate pictures of Blythe (though it was hard for me to wrap my mind around, because who wouldn't want to see that cute little button when they are drinking coffee?), so I decided to fill it with Vegas pictures. Here are two of the three sides (you get the idea, the third side was blurry).

I also made a cup for my brother from this summer's trip, but....at the risk of being redundant, oh, and to avoid unwrapping it b/c I forgot to get a picture....you'll have to imagine it-lots of NM/AZ/CA pictures, all rated G-for Good Times.
I also made this gift for my pal, Jolene.

She retired this year, and we hosted her retirement this past spring. It's just a little something, but I just love these little coaster books! I did not do a good job about photographing all the things I made b/c by the time I'm done making things, sometimes I'm so sick of looking at them, I wrap them up to get them out of my sight, and out of my thoughts. I'm determined to document gifts better so I don't end up making 'more of the same' for someone in future years!

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~Alison~ said...

I love the idea of the coaster books. I think this would be a great gift for the grandparents this year.

Where do you get the coasters???