Luck Be a Lady: Day Three

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

After a slow start, we got in the car (which actually was a truck b/c they were out of cars) and drove the 30 miles to the Hoover Dam. Yup, it's still big. I went nine years ago, and not much has changed.

They were in the process of building a bridge over the dam from Nevada to Arizona, I can now add that to the list of bridges I hope to never cross. I hate bridges.

We rubbed the feet of the statues at the visitor center for luck.

I don't believe in luck, but traditions are fun, so I joined in, and then we walked across the dam. You travel from NV to AZ in doing so, and move through a time zone, which is not something you do every day...state straddling, time travel.

After a stop by In-N-Out burger on the way back into Las Vegas, we had the rental place drop us off at the M&M store for four levels of M&M fun, and a little shopping for Lauren's two little kiddos.

We then walked back down the chilly strip, and April got her tattoo. Upon exiting the Miracle Mile shopping center, where the store was located, we ran into Sammy Hagar standing on a balcony about 10 feet above the escalators we were taking down to street level. He was being interviewed for the opening of his place Cabo Wabo at this location, and performing that evening (we saw people sitting in line 24 hours before this), and he came out to the balcony and waved, but I didn't capture this on film, so you'll just have to imagine. He was blonde if that helps in your imagining.
We then caught a cab to this little restaurants my friends at work had told me about-Battista's Hole in the Wall. It's set back a bit from the strip, next to Bally's. It's been there for more than fifty years, and supposedly an old Mob hang out. Whatever the truth, it was soooooo fabulous. Two thumbs up. Each meal came with unlimited wine, both white and red (or in my case-brown, Diet coke), salads with salami, cheese, etc, bread with real garlic, your meal, a pasta side, and a complimentary cappuccino (that taste like hot chocolate, and is fabulous-our waiter told us it's just made from powdered milk, hot chocolate, and a little coffee syrup). They also provided a complimentary piece of Spumoni for Kelly's birthday, and the most precious little guy comes to all the tables for a little serenade. We got an interactive version of "The Stars At Night," he alone is worth the trip! I can only imagine how often he makes it in facebook pictures!

We rounded out the evening at a Karaoke Bar. This is something I'm all for, it's about my speed. We had a good time singing along with the singers (compliments of words also projected onto a large screen on the wall), and Kelly, and April both tried their voices out at the mike. They are old pros, and have both won competitions in the past, hesitation there.

The restaurant didn't close until 3, and we stayed until the last song, and then made our way back to the hotel.
I'll keep it short by saying we left for the airport the next day at 11. It seemed much longer than three days, I certainly had more varied experiences than my typical trip, and I was ready to be home, and completely stuffed from all the great eating.

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