Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snickerdoodle Cupcake

I saw these awhile back on Bakerella-I guess I'm kinda an cupcakes, and to Bakerella's site. I'm part of the leadership team at work, and we occasionally do a few little things for the other teachers, and this week we all made homemade desserts to pass out during the district benchmark testing (a rather stressful time when it rolls around). 'Stressed spelled backwards is desserts!' was our theme. This was my opportunity to try out another recipe. You can visit her site for the recipe, though she forgot the salt in the directions (it goes in with the flour sifter etc in the cupcakes, I looked it up from the original recipe on Martha's website). OK, but then I forgot the eggs in the cupcakes, once they had been in the oven for about five minutes I looked over and saw them sitting on the counter where I had left them to come to room temperature....yikes! I felt they were a little bit dry, and definitely flatter, but the icing, and cookies were so moist, it hid it well if you didn't know about my error. Maybe I'll get a 'fluffier' cupcake picture someday. I also just used icing from a can. I was going to make some buttercream (as opposed to the 7-min icing she used), but I was too tired to make icing from scratch in addition to the cookies, and cupcakes. I think they tasted fine with the canned icing, the canned icing just won't sit up as high on a cupcake b/c it's so runny, but the cookie on top helped a little with the height. I used a freezer bag, snipped the end, and piped on the icing instead of getting out my tips, and bags (Notice the lazy-girl theme?). I only got twelve cupcakes out of the batter (I like to fill mine 1/4 c. full), and I made 13 large cookies from the cookie mix instead of 20, they could have been smaller.