Friday, December 18, 2009

On the Fifth Day of Christmas-Happy 30th and 5 Months!

Uhhh....sure this is supposed to be about Christmas festivities, BUT really, because of the Christmas break, my friends Mary, Sonia, and I FINALLY had some time to get together. Sonia and I work together still, and Mary worked with us once upon a time, before retirement, and job changes (she mentored us both in our careers, and still does in our lives). I loved when we were the three amigos on a daily basis, but I'll take anytime with the two of them now. They took me out for my birthday tonight....I am 30 and 5 months now, so the timing was just right. We went to Benihana's Hibachi Grill via my request. It was delicious, and fun. Afterwards we headed over to a little Korean Bakery called Mozart's that has the most beautiful desserts. Most importantly we laughed, and had time to catch up in depth!