Can't Stop the Madness!

Saturday, December 19, 2009
I love this shoe pattern I bought to the third power of love. OK, tonight, after pair three, I put my sewing machine if I have time for this right now, as if it's even necessary to do now, I have messages waiting to be listened to, text to return, calls to make, emails to send, a house to clean (still), and I'm STILL not done decorating for Christmas, but I do have three cute pairs of shoes that only fit one little person I know.... There are lots of different styles (flowers with buttons instead of the little poppies), but I just love this the future....not too near future, I'll make another one with a velcro strap (...but I like bows!), and a different accessory on the shoe, but for now....two more pairs of cuteness, a little less edgy colors, but still fun.
Pretty in Pink

For a Mellow Yellow Kinda Day

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Jo said...

These are so cute!!