On the Sixth Day of Christmas-Shopping!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Today, Mom, Holly, Lois, and I headed out to the Galleria to see the huge tree, and decorations, and shop the shops. When I was little Mom, and Lois used to spend one whole day out shopping....and I do mean the WHOLE day. I used to think it was torture to sit around all day just waiting for them to return. Realistically, this should have been a good thing b/c it meant there would be a few more gifts under the tree Christmas morning, but really....I just thought it was super boring. Holly was too young for me to play with back then, and Jimmy and Jason were off being boys. I mean, where was CPS when I was left in these sort of conditions, you know? Perhaps the only thing MORE boring than waiting at the house for them to return from shopping was going to a department store with my Mom when I was a little girl. The only thing interesting to do was to find one of those racks that was a circle, and crawl in the middle of the choral of clothes so I was difficult to find. I still get bored at department stores if I have to stand around too long, but you'll be glad to know I don't crawl in the middle of the racks anymore, I usually go around folding their sweater displays, or organizing their displays of trinkets that have been messed up by prior browsers....surely there is a girl scout badge to be earned somewhere in these Type A Personality deeds? Today I didn't have to do much straightening up, but I did get my fill of lovely decorations. After the mall, Mom and I continued with some grocery shopping, and then we went out to Highland Park and ate at Kuby's, and then drove around some of the streets down there while we were in the area, and shopped our way home. I must say, I'm glad to finally be on this side of the shopping trips!

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