On the Seventh Day of Christmas....Scrapbooking!

Monday, December 21, 2009
WHY DID I START SEEING SPRING GARDENING STUFF IN MY SCRAPBOOK STORES TWO WEEKS AGO? Hello, I'm only on day seven of my festivities, and it's just depressing me. This is where I need someone to say: "Christy, stay out of the scrapbook stores." I've been five times in the last four days, and I'm planning on going tomorrow as well. I've been several more times earlier in the week. I'm crafting, I "have" to go. So....today, I made it to the early service, which was fabulous, Pastor Graham was back in the pulpit (he's been a little under the weather), and the music was fully Christmas, yay! This afternoon I headed over to my pal Amber's house. I adore her, and she is a master scrapbooker. I learn so much from her. I'm going to add some pictures of a few of the crafts she is working on....b/c I can't add pictures of things I'm working on because they are gifts, and anyway, she's so talented, I had to take pictures! Anyway, we scrapbooked from 1-11, with one run to Michael's, and a dinner break. I got a lot accomplished, including an mini-album that will be a gift once I take/print pictures for it, and a few photos from my summer vacation....two years ago....I guess I'm a little behind. Whatever, I'm a little less behind than I was, so...yippee! I'll just stop taking pictures until I catch up....ha, I needed a good laugh to round out this evening! OK....back on to some projects....I can't believe how close Christmas is!!!

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