Tea Towel

Friday, December 18, 2009

I saw this idea a year ago on the blog chasingcheerios. I think tea towels are so cute, and my friend, Heather collects them. I made the cookie pail for her family, but this gift is exclusively for her, from her oldest, Lucas C/O Christy. Her 6 year old is in the class across from my room, so I took advantage of this fact, and had him come make this little hand tree tea towel. There is a paint you can buy at the craft store to add to the colored paints that you mix in to make it stick to fabric (with some additional help from an iron). I need to go home and iron it tonight. I MEANT to stitch a little holiday saying, but.....I was doing good to get the ribbon on the bottom sewn on yesterday after my delay in projects these last few weeks. Anyway, Lucas is now in charge of coloring a bag, and then....I'll be just about complete with my work friends, which is a good thing b/c tomorrow is our last day for the next two weeks! :O)

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Brian and Ella said...

I MUST do this someday! great idea!!