Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We Are Family...

Here is our Gingerbread Family
From Left to Right, Top to Bottom
Brian-With his trademark baseball hat, and white iphone.
Holly-With her long blond hair.
Jimmy-Wearing his preacher outfit, in gingerbread church land, he wears clergy collars.
Lydia-With a pencil (since she's a doctoral student), and Blythe, holding a red spoon (her very favorite toy).
Jody-Wearing a Ranger's Shirt
Lois-Wearing her trademark yellow, flipflops, and walking their dog, Sandy.
Mom-Holding a Dr Pepper
Christy-Long hair, in one hand I'm holding an iphone, in the other skittles.
Jason-Wearing Tony Stewarts number, and his latest catch.