Learning to Speak Baby Grunts

Saturday, January 09, 2010

The highlight of my Friday was spending some time with Carrilee and her family. She was in town for the holiday (from Washington), and I truly enjoy getting to spend time catching up, and watching her in her mommy element. I learn so much through others as they interact with their kids, and I appreciate her being real. It's fun to watch her little ones grow, and today I learned to speak baby grunt. Jorja slowly rode this car across the room, after giving herself a 'shot' and carrying her doctor tools, and blanket, and then she stared at me, motor still (pressed down by her finger) running for about four minutes until someone explained to me this meant I was supposed to turn her car in a new direction. Sure enough, I moved her little car in a new direction without the table obstruction, and she rode off into the sunset, or rather-the lamplight. Anyway, it was pretty cute, she's so serious, I can't wait to see who this serious little, traveling doctor grows into! I also got glimpses of Henry as he baked cookies with Grandma, and lots of chat time with Carrilee, one of my all-time favorite friends from Baylor. There could not be anyone sweeter! I hope the next visit is sooner than we think! :O)

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