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Tuesday, January 12, 2010
I rarely remember my dreams, just that I have them! When I was little, some of them were so scary that I didn't want to go to sleep out of fear of 'dreaming.' Anyway, this one was just weird, but I had to share it, or rather the most interesting piece, it was a long one.
I was in Europe, which looked suspiciously like somewhere around here, and my Mom and brother were with me. We were taking a 'train' through Europe, and during the most interesting part, we were in Paris (again, looks like McKinney or somewhere, no Eiffle Tower in site). BUT the train our group was on was actually a big green tractor with a bunch of Big Red Wagons on the back, and we each sat in one and rode along. The first person had to hold on to the back of the tractor so the rest of us could move. At one point I was in front, and boy, was it hard holding on to that John Deere while everyone behind me tagged along. Anyway, in Paris, we made one more stop by the sticker store, and I was ready to leave, but Mom wasn't done looking (trust me, Mom has never outlooked me at a sticker store, it's not her thing at all, it would be like me wanting to stay longer at an autoparts store-yuck). We told her we'd meet her at the train station. She didn't show up! Our group was going to Montmartre (which is just a little part of Paris, but in my dream, it was another town, really quite far). We decided to go, and that she would catch up (ya right!). There were some adventures along the road (I dropped her purse off the train...because I was holding it, I guess you don't use cash in dream sticker stores. I had to hop off the moving red wagons to retrieve it, this also meant she couldn't contact us), but we (Jason and I) finally arrived at our lunch stop-a Mexican food restaurant....uhhh....becasue they are sooo prevalant in France. We sat down to eat our burgers and spanish rice, and good news, my Mom showed up when lunch was almost over. She sat down to eat, and she pulled out her five dollar off coupon for this restaurant that she had found. Whew, I thought we were going to have to pay for our burger at the Mexican Food restaurant in Paris at full price!


Ella said...

this made me laugh out loud!! i love when you can remember dreams, especially when they're fun and random like this one!! :)

Charles and Heidi said...

I,unfortunately, can rival the nonsense of this dream with many of my past dreams. Not sure what that says about either of us... but it it nice to know that I am not out there in Dream World by myself!
I love that your momma had a coupon for the French Mexican restaurant! Not to mention the fact that she found you there! That's a happy ending!!