Oreo Sucker Pops

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm a room 'mom!' I don't actually own a child in the class I'll be helping host a Valentine's Day party for tomorrow (I don't actually own any child), but the 'original' room Mom moved, and there was a need. I was...well, breathing, so they are letting me help out. Party+Christy=Synonym. Amongst other boring party details I'll save for my dog's ears, I decided to try out a Valentine's Day teacher gift. I got a little distracted, so my Oreo Sucker Bouquet is a little wimpy at the moment, and in this picture it's lacking the 'bouquet' arrangement. If I had a kid (and I might by the end of tomorrow if any of them are cute enough, and their parents are OK with me keeping one...or two)...this might be a fun favor for the top of a Valentine's card. I saw these suckers at a craft show once, and I bought one to disassemble so I could then reassemble my own as a gift. I realized tonight there was a bag of Oreo's calling my name, and so....to save my self from eating the whole bag-I decided to finally try out the idea. I'm now four Oreos short of a whole bag-it's all about moderation.
Here are a few of the pitfalls if you too need to dispense with a few extra Oreos from a package your somehow find in your house.
First: I bought double stuffed, but sometimes when you put the sticks through the 'stuffing' the cookie crumbles (note the cookie on the top left). It was really tragic-I had to eat all those broken cookies. Hey, didn't they make a triple-stuffed Oreo once upon a time? Do you ever make quadruple stuffed Oreos by pulling off the tops of two Oreos, and then stacking the sides with the middles together? Me neither.

I melted some chocolate in a bowl in the microwave-because I'm a gourmet all the way. I haven't found a better process. I melt it about 40 seconds, stirring like crazy, and then adding 10 seconds, sandwiched between stirring frenzies until it's well melted. What I should have said is-I haven't found a better process (like double boiling) that didn't require effort. When I was dragging the Oreos through the chocolate a few of them popped off their sticks...another difficult eating frenzy occurred, and thus-a bouquet of four is all I have left (I only attempted 6). It's just a warning. I dried them on wax paper, and then placed them in the fridge to harden because I don't possess patience to let them harden via the air.

I'll work on bouquet assembly later.
...and now, on to a VERY important subject matter.
Hello, my name is Christy and I'm a sprinkle-a-holic.

I wish I could tell you this was the only large plastic tub of sprinkles that I own. I wish I could tell you that I don't have an equally large box of cupcake holders, another box of wrappers, baggies, and candy sticks, another box of chocolate molding trays, and a box too large to fit in some mid-size car trunks full of cookie cutters. Don't even get me started on the cake pans. BUT, the important thing is that I've taken the first step-I'm admitting I have a problem.

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saffiertje said...

oh this looks sooo yummie!!! gonna make some at valentines day I think