Texas Size Torture

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The weather philosophy in the DFW area has always been that they pretty much cancel school in Texas when people spill ice trays on the sidewalk in May. So... to be in school...with actual, real-live, snows on the ground....my mind cannot comprehend! Canceling school with the threat of ice is not unusual, and it's a valid choice-you should see the way we drive with ice on the road. (On a sidenote-you should see the way I drive WITHOUT ice on the road-it's not a whole lot less frightening.) Anyway, the students and I sat here all day watching all that snowman worthy snow fall while the drills went forward....with a prediction of as many as 6-8 more inches (something that has NEVER happened here in my lifetime)....and we waited to be released from prison...I mean school....yes, school-that was the word I was looking for...the good news is the snow has, and will continue falling most of the night so everyone can get their snow-fill.
P.s. This is the fifth time we have had snow this year-something else that has never happened-if we get anything it's usually ice, and it only stick around for half a day. Where are those global warming people now? Probably in a nice warm ski lodge! We've already broken the Dallas record....and we have a few more hours to go.
P.p.s I know I'm old...as I watched the snow fall today-I thought-well, crud-what's THIS going to do to my electic bill?
P.p.p.s. I just got a call-no work tomorrow-that's more like it.

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