If You Have Reached this RECORDing By Mistake...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

This morning I slept in (thank you, overeager, Dallas, decision-makers), and when I finally crawled out from under the covers...and two sleeping dogs-it was to discover 12 inches of snow had ultimately fallen in the last 24 hours (5 more inches than our record). Wild. I took the above picture last night, but this morning I was feeling too lazy, so you'll just have to visit facebook for everyone else's photos. I had huge limbs all over my yard. I consider this nature's way of tree pruning-it'll save me a buck or 400 later this spring (Dave Ramsey would totally approve). I also have a pine tree, and some bushes in the back that have completely collapsed-I choose to believe they are just resting. There were several snowgiants gracing just about every other yard from here to Fort Worth, snowball fights in full force, and even ice walls being built for protection. I would have taken pictures, but I didn't want to be taken INTO protection for snapping pictures of local kids, so you'll just have to take my word for it. The great thing was that the roads were actually safe to drive-and so, I did. I ran errands, I went to the gym-I turned my twenty minute mile (because I'm serious about exercise) into an 18 minute mile-whoa-I know, I'm thinking about putting my iphone down next time and seeing if I can shave off another two minutes. What's that? I need to do more that be AT the gym to make this relationship work? That's not what my imaginary trainer says, she and my imaginary counselor both agree I'm light years ahead of where I was last week-don't judge me, or I might sic my imaginary body guard on you. ...I may need to call my imaginary friends from now on if I keep up these other imaginary relationships....some people don't appreciate this piece of 'me.' (Insider's Comment: Maggie, consider your friendship with me a little slice of charity-nobody frowns upon charity work, OK?) (Second side note: How was I on my phone all day and I still missed 9 calls, and 4 text?) I did many other exciting things today in honor of no work-I made a diaper cake for a shower, began piecing together a clipboard for a teacher gift, painted a Styrofoam 'sculpture' I'm making for an upcoming floral arrangement, searched for the perfect 'Easter' paper for a gift I bought (yes, I know Easter's in April-I bought it in December, so I think it's great restraint to have waited this long to wrap it), tried to decide the best way to attach some pipe cleaner arms to a cake topper I'm gluing together (and can't stand), melted used crayons in molds, changed socks four times, watched the Olympics at Maggie's house with friends (despite her trepidations about spending time with me), and I'm about to floss-I floss every February 13th, it's a tradition. I'll make sure and post lots of pictures of these exciting adventures, especially the flossing. All true, girl scout's promise. I know what you are thinking, HOW hasn't some guy snatched this jewel up? I ask myself that just about every night, then I roll over next to my three dogs, in my messy room at 3 am when I finally go to sleep dreaming of stickers, and sprinkles, and I leave the mystery for one more day. Notice I didn't clean, enhance my intelligence, volunteer for great works, check my phone messages, or solve world peace....only because those are my plans for tomorrow. Today I had to enjoy my snow day, and then I read Jo's blog, and she tried to one up us here in Dallas by posting pictures of what I believe might be a ski slope that they are building in their front yard in ND. APPARENTLY her snow is bigger than my snow. She's probably crocheting ski jackets for all the upcoming tourist, and discovering a refreshing, homemade juice smoothie she will serve as they come in to refresh themselves. I'm going to get one of my crayons and write down my feelings about this turn of events....P.s. Jo, when you put in the ski lifts, can I come and stay at your resort?

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