Scary Bedtime Stories

Sunday, February 21, 2010 last night at 4:30 am...or so. Someone started slamming their finger on my doorbell. They rang it at least 8 times consecutively (I wish I were exaggerating). I woke up, Lilly gave a little 'ruff' from her post at the end of the bed (useless, dog). I laid in my bed, my heart pounded, and I thought "Please let that be my doorbell malfunctioning!" About two minutes went by, and least 6 more rings, and then pounding on the door. NO, not knocking, POUNDING! They probably pounded ten times, which was 10 times, and 14 rings too many for me....and so I called the police. I pay taxes....and pay all my speeding tickets, so...I knew this was the safest choice. There was no more ringing, no more pounding, and nobody around when the police got here five minutes later. I don't know who it was, why they were ringing my door, or what they wanted, but I figured if they were still around....they saw the police. I did wonder if it was my brother somehow locked out (my dogs have been known to leap up and lock the door with someone on the outside). When enough time had passed, I ran across the house to check. Nope, not him-he was sleeping, and didn't hear anything. I didn't make him go outside. I did make him get up. Have I mentioned how annoying it can be to have your sibling staying with you while they 'get back on their feet'....8 months later (OK, minus 3 months or so where he moved to the country to get away, but...he's back)? Well, I changed my mind! So either Jason stays forever, or....I'm going to learn how to shoot a gun. I know, I know...there are all sorts of political ramifications to this statement....I think I've just taken all sorts of sides to issues I never knew about, was the first thought I had, and lingers today. I'm sure it was someone at the wrong house, but....I feel sorry for whoever they were heading over to see b/c that's no way to wake anyone up...ever!


Melissa said...

I'm up for shooting lessons... No joke! Let me know when and where!

Christy said...

I'll keep you posted! I'm really going to go probably won't be this next month (with TAKS etc....but sometime). Maybe summer? I guess it depends on the scary level of my street before then. ;o) I'll start doing some research.