That's sooooo 2009...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
The 70's had fondue.
The 80's had the feather bangs.
The 90's had the Hammer-Time Pants.
...and the 00's....they had-the diaper cake.
I can't get over the diaper cake, I blame it on Jodi. She made one, and shared her cute design with me. I made her dissect the process for me, and I have been 'baking' them up for showers ever since. It's a calorie free cake. Are they 'dated' though? No opinions were actually sought in the asking of that question. We have a shower coming up at work for a gal giving birth to a little boy. My team decided we were going to get her diapers-or rather, they decided a big package of diapers and other necessities were the best gift for this new Mom. I asked how we were going to 'wrap' the diapers because I was trying to wrap my mind around a package of diapers...they looked at me like I was crazy for worrying about the wrapping. They usually look at me like I'm crazy, so I should say-they continued to look at me like I was crazy. I told them nevermind, I'd take care of it...and I remembered....'the diaper cake.'

...thus completes another unnecessary to the world, but essential to me, project under the label 'Diaper cakes, does the concept age like slap bracelets?'
And just in case you don't have friends as fabulous as mine to show you the makeup of these...this is the innards of the cake...

I buy a tube of wipes for the middle (Walmart is the only place I've found that sells wipes in the round tube, and not the flat boxes). Roll the diapers to go around it. Jodi uses the little clear rubber bands you can buy at the dollar store to hold the diapers. I just started using little strips of tulle....because I have a few million yards of the stuff, but let's not talk about the amount of ribbon in my house-I'm a little worried someone is going to put me on the show Hoarders if I talk about this sort of obsession much more. The bottom layer I usually create with two rings of diapers (from a 48 pack), and I tie them together in the circle with string....or tulle. I cover the tie up with ribbon (like the one on this cake) or another colored tulle to match the other 'stuff' on the cake. The second layer is just stacked on this one, and tied into place, and then I usually just 'rest' the last layer on top of that. You could stick a dowel rode through the cake to hold the three layers together, but I've never had any trouble with it toppling. I like to live dangerously. Just so ya know....they are a little bit addictive...but I'll probably get over it...and go back to eating fondue in my hammer pants before too much longer.

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