Wants Vs. Needs

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Things I want to spend money on right now...real bad:
1. test tubes (...don't ask, I'm sure you'll find out sooner than later)
2. pink bandanas (...yes, plural)
3. half pint mason jars (...the box I had dropped and they shattered, and now I 'need' them for an upcoming shower)
4. dutch oven (...maybe in red?)
5. pony ride rental (...here was my conversation with myself today regarding some party plans I'm making for a friend's co-ed/family oriented baby shower. You will NOT rent a pony. :looks up rentals online: You will NOT rent a pony. :checks prices: You will not rent a pony. :...ohhhh, and what about a bounce house for the kids that don't want to ride the pony?:
Things I need to spend my money on right now...real bad:
1. Today I arrived home to a small river beginning the erosion process across my yard....flowing across the sidewalk, and down the street where a rushing flow was entering the gutters. The city has assured me it's 'my broken pipe' to deal with. My home warranty has assured me they only cover stuff 'inside the house.' It looks like I'll be taking care of no-man's-land-pipe tommorrow. All the sudden, I was able to distinguish between the two list that are battling for my financial future. Please rewind my life 20 years, being a semi-responsible grownup is not fun for me right now.
P.s. $540 dollars later...I may 'need' a second job if this run keeps up. I see God is re=prioritizing my spending life, again. It is not my favorite lesson, but I'm listening.
P.p.s There will be no ponies at the party!

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Charles and Heidi said...

Being a grown-up is hard! I'm sure there are ponies in your future!!