Teacher Gift: Clipboard

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I've seen these clipboards around for several years now. Our fabulous PTA made the teachers at my school clipboards for Christmas, such a fun surprise. I've always meant to try one out....and finally...I did.
In the near future I'll be visiting with a friend of mine who is currently going back to school to get her teaching certification. I wanted to take along a little something, so I decided it was about 'that time.' I bet ya didn't know there was a 'clipboard time.' Gosh, I hope you didn't miss it, you don't want to know the consequences.
She's not really a bows, and frills kinda gal, so I TRIED to make her a clipboard that was a little more subtle than the animal print and be-ribboned clipboard I would make for...me. Let's face it, teacher's lives are also filled with things like this they may...or may not get use out of, but it was fun to make, and it'll be fun to give. It's the thought that counts-at least that's what my Mom said when I was little and got her a really large pair of yellow plastic star earrings with large clear 'stones' in the middle. She still claims it's her favorite gift....guess the love of glitter and buttons I have now was manifesting itself at an early age.
Back to the craft-it was really easy, I would definitey recommend it. I was looking at the second board that came in the pack and thinking someday I can make these for homework clipboards for kids I know. Maybe when I run out of recycled crayons, and the kids run out of a love of crayons. :Buying stock in clipboards now!:
As far as the making of a clipboard goes, easy. I found three pieces of paper (blues, and greens-and a little watermelon shade b/c I just couldn't stick in the blue/green family for the whole project). The blue paper originally just had flowers at the bottom, but I cut some out to scatter throughout the edges. I used a gluestick to slap the paper down on the clipboard. I chose to paint the edges of the board a green color, though I have seen where people wrap the paper all the way around....it seemed too complicated for me. I used Mod Podge to build up a layer of protection, though it kept wanting to bubble. I should investigate the cause of this-I'll add that to my 'someday I'll figure it out' list....which is even longer than the 'crafts I'll someday try' list. I will never be a perfectionist, so list one will forever be ignored. I also added a ribbon to the top b/c I couldn't handle not adding a ribbon...somewhere. I showed great restraint to leave buttons, glitter, and flowers out of this. And there you have it, just what you were waiting for....another craft. Moving on...