5 States Later

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Call me crazy...well, don't do it to my face....I'm a sensitive girl, but...
Call me crazy (behind my back), because I love to go on long road trips. If I have the time, and there's not, 'like,' an ocean or something between myself and a location-I drive, if at all possible, to my vacation destinations. You never know what you are going to find...
I'm on the road right now...which I shouldn't say, but before I go on-let me assure you someone is staying at my house 24 hours a day. They are big, they are scary, and their feet smell very bad, so please....don't get any ideas (this message is not for anyone I 'know,' but...I read the news, and thought I should say it so I don't have more stories than I want after this adventure ;o)).
OK...I got that out of the way.
Back to what I was saying.
I spent the last two days driving to Florida.
Sunset Over Mobile, Alabama's Bay

An Antique Store in Florida

I LOVE to stop at the places that have 16,023 signs advertising their upcoming glory. This trip I decided I could not live another day without hitting one of the antique stores. I've wanted to buy a few glass milk bottles for about a year and a half (the weird picture at the start of this blog records my success. Why I wanted this would require another post to try to justify the purchase....and I'm on vacation and I don't need to justify things like the pecan pie slice I ate today, or the milk jar I needed). I actually found two bottles, but the half gallon jar from 1892 is my 'jewel.' I even got a good discount. Now I want another one...Doesn't everyone stop on the way to their Bahama Cruise to get antique milk bottles?
Weird Stop #2
When it was time for gas today, I found the advertised 'boiled peanut' filled gas station. I've never tried any of the boiled peanuts advertised down the East Coast, but I appreciate their novelty, and can imagine what they taste like...which is why I've never tried them. Bagged peanuts are fine. Large bags are even more interesting. I wonder how many of these they sell?

I also like to embarrass people I'm with by playing with my camera's macro setting at stores. Little pinching alligator sticks...I could not resist....and my philosophy is 'these people won't ever see me again....probably. And if they do...well it's time they get to know me anyway. Weird macro pictures is a part of who "I am""

From here I'll be going on a cruise to the Bahamas (tomorrow in the am). I will have no internet unless I fall off my budget, but I have some post scheduled to post while I'm gone b/c I got really chatty last week, and at the risk of posting more than 17 times a day, just set them to post later.
Anyway, the plan for spring break: Drive, cruise, then I get back to Florida at the end of the week, and then I get to meet baby Donovan :O) (the real reason I planned this whole adventure), AND visit with his Mom (Maurine), and the family before heading home. I'm excited.

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