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Friday, March 12, 2010
This week....I became a code writer. I have nerd envy and I've always wanted to be smart enough to WANT to do stuff like this. One of my favorite people, Kristina H, childhood friend, life long buddy-writes computer codes...or something. She also lives in Austin, rides a bike for fun, speaks German, and Japanese, has delved into the world of gourmet cooking along with other healthy crud, and was the gal the guys wanted to date in high school b/c she had a serious mysterious quality other gals didn't. I believe the word we were looking for at the time was 'maturity.' She's pretty much one of the coolest people you'll ever meet....and she writes computer codes....or something. Whatever...I have a blog. I can write your name on a grain of rice....and I can write some seriously bad poetry....and this week...I wrote a computer code. Fine, I didn't-I copied the below tutorial and made my blog three columns, but I had to mess with codes. WHAT is the third column for on this blog? That's going to be for all my imaginary friends. Just wait 'til you meet some of them. Real friends, you have some serious competition. It's a battle of the dueling columns. Uhh...can you fight a battle if one side is uninterested in competing, the other side is unaware of the battle, the blog, and the desire to want to compete? You can in my imaginary world. ;o) And if you have a blog and you want to make a third column for your imaginary friends....or slightly more important is where I found my tutorial.
As for that empty third's going to be a few weeks....I'm 'up to something' but I have some other stuff to take care of first like travel, friends, a shower, work....and a self-diagnosed case of ADHD to solve.

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