The 80's Called...They Want Their Super Hero Back!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

This post is brought to you by the word "like":
You should feel very...very sorry for my older brother, Jason because I was always invading his space, his toys, his privacy, and his life. That's funny....I just said that in past tense like it's not still a favorite past time of mine. Anyway, when we were younger, my brother had plenty of 'boy toys' which were all very boring to me. Don't get me wrong, I'd still mess with them because they were obviously better than the 4,325,987,484,123 toys that I had in my room, but the toys I most often messed with were "insert any male action figure here." Why....because, hello, 'like' all my Barbies totally needed a boyfriend. I did not like any Barbie to have to share her Ken...I just think age 7 is too early to be teaching yourself about jealousy, and two timing etc (uhhh, is age 7 too early for your Barbie's to have boyfriends? We will worry about this later...). I didn't have enough Ken dolls for all of my Barbies, it was really a tragedy, please reserve at least 3 future therapy sessions for this subject, and remind me to buy exactly one Ken for each Barbie any future daughter of mine has. BUT I got creative, and each Barbie was eventually able to have their own boyfriend, complements of my brother's toy collection. G-I-Joe (she liked shorter long as they were in uniform), Transformers (the dates were always exciting), and He-Man. That's all I know about He-Man, he dated my Barbies. So...recently, a lady I've made quite a few cakes for contacted me about making a cake for her daughter (who is just a few years younger than me)....she wanted a He-Man cake b/c her daughter used to love He-Man....that's just odd to me....because, 'like,' the only thing He-Man is good for is dating Barbie. I agreed to the cake, it sounded like a challenge. I saw that Wilton had a cake pan at one point, but....believe it or not, there isn't a huge demand for He-Man cakes now so it's gone. So, I suggested a few more things, and we decided on He-Man's Shield, with a 'special' message from the man himself. I also printed off some pictures to decorate the bottom of the cakeboard:

I'm a full service, open 3 evenings a year cake shop, so...I go all out. Just as a side was NOT the easiest thing to find pictures of He-Man characters-it required a lot of research, and it was not fun for me. Now if someone wants a Barbie Dreamhouse....I don't even think I'd have to search for a photo for inspiration. I've got that little beauty burned in my memory.
The Cake

(It makes me cringe to write messages on cakes. Had I thought it through-I would have asked her if I could incorporate it on the board. Note all the smudges where I kept scrapping off the letters b/c they wouldn't lay flat on upraised surfaces. I also couldn't get over the fact that it needed to be orange writing (orange and red are apparently his colors) and despite the lack of contrast, this is how it had to be for uptight, girl (me). I also dyed some white chocolate gray for some defintion on the shield, and piped it onto wax paper I had drawn circles on....note to self-flip wax paper over after drawing circles, or the ink will lift off onto the chocolate when dried and removed.)
P.s. Please do NOT tell my brother his toys used to date my Barbies, I don't know if 23 years meets the standards for the statute of limitation for the sort of consequences I'd have to endure for that little hobby.
P.p.s. I still use his toys, I can't tell you how handy it's been to go pull long lengths of fishing line off his collection of poles for my projects.


Charles and Heidi said...

Where did you get such a well preserved HE-MAN?? I guess Karl's are all buried in the backyard... or given to younger cousins.
He must have been left in the care of Barbie. She has always insisted that her men keep an immaculate appearance.
Great job on the cake!!

Christy said...

I copied and pasted that picture from the net, maybe ebay...just in case Karl wants a new one for his birthday. All of Barbie's boyfriends were sold in a garage sale years they are boyfriendless again, but still hanging out in my attic.