Dear "Old" Friends...Feel Free to Disregard the Last 6 Post

Friday, March 05, 2010
I went through and collected groups of photos from old showers so I could create my own little live files, some of the details will be a little familiar to you if you've been my 'friend' and have read this over the last few years! They have managed to get very mixed up over the years on multiple computers and disk! I also am missing a lot of the showers and parties I've been a part of because A) I didn't have a digital camera B) I didn't take pictures C) I lost them...somehow. Anyway, those post were 'for me.' As if you needed permission to ignore my post, but got it anyway.


Msheepers said...

Hey, one of those looks familiar!


Christy said...

I know....I think I have a better documentation b/c I knew you liked pictures too. :O)